Monday, April 16, 2012

Dodge Dart prices

It will start at $15 995 for the basic SE model.
(Plus destination).
Which does include the cool LED tail lights you see on this picture.
But not much more. Air is an option.

And it goes all the way to $ 22 495 for the R/T model.
In between there is the SXT for $17 995, the Rallye for $18 995 and the Limited for $19 995.
This seems a bit of an overkill for me. One model every $1000.


Anonymous said...

It tops out st 22,500? They are going to sell tons of them. Once they get this car established in the marketplace, they'll eventually drop the $15,995 SE. It's just so they can advertise a ridiculously low price. No one would ever buy a car without A/C. Nor would any dealer want to stock such a car.

Anonymous said...

It is retarded that they have 5 trim lines.

That's just dumb, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Probably very few options or packages. Increasing lines and decreasing options put you back in roughly the same place. The Japanese have been doing it for years.

Anonymous said...

Any idea on when we're going to start seeing reviews on this thing? It's already in production - but there hasn't been a single review yet?

Anonymous said...

I would rather have the 10 standard airbags than A/C, honestly. Props to Chrysler for prioritising safety over comfort.

FusioptimaSX said...

I thing the SE is just chum in the water. It's not going to actually be sold anywhere. Fleets won't buy it, individual people won't buy it unless their residents of the North Pole.