Saturday, March 03, 2012

2013/14 Volvo XC90

Just an illustration.
The big Volvo SUV is in need of a redesign. It still looks OK, but it is now 10 years old.
It will compete mostly with an all new Audi Q7 next year.


Anonymous said...

They aren't THAT desperate! This illustration is MUCH worse than the one they make now!!!

Anonymous said...


Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!


Anonymous said...

Good god! I seriously hope the Chinese owners don't influence the design of future Volvos.

sowhatelse said...

It's got a face only a Honda Pilot could love.

Anonymous said...

that looks nothing like the drawings they have shown through the auto show circuit.

Anonymous said...

Part Crosstour, Part Adventador. Everyone loses. They are better off just stretching the XC60 or pulling a Crown Vic/Ranger and just touch up the tail lights and headlights once a decade.

- FusioptimaSX