Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

Just like the Acadia and the Enclave, the Traverse is getting a new interior for 2013.
We can't see much here, but it already looks better than the super cheap looking one in the current version.
Interior cheapness seems to be the main problem in these 3 cars.
The one for the Acadia seems vastly improved.

Their other problem being a terrible gas mileage. That probably won't be improving soon.
As the 2013 seem to be using the same powertrains.


Anonymous said...

Who cares, it is the same GM junk.

You can put a pretty wrapper around a turd, but in the end it is still a turd.

They've also been unreliable according to JD Power, Consumer Reports, and TrueDelta as well. That proves that they are turds.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was the new Impala interior?

Rick said...

Gas mileage isn't bad when you consider how large the Lambda triplets are..

The Traverse needs a significant exterior restyling. The interior is OK but the exterior is very convoluted.

Anonymous said...

"They've also been unreliable according to JD Power, Consumer Reports, and TrueDelta as well. That proves that they are turds."

With that kind of rabid comment, I had to look this up. And the reality is that you don't know what you're talking about. The Traverse ranks average or above average in every reliability category by JDP. And I know for a fact that it sells very well. I'm sure you hate that.

Anonymous said...

terrible gas milage? huh? moving 7 people would take 2 priuses, consuming more fuel / oil / tires / lead / H+ acid / etc. in the process...

Anonymous said...

When these 3 arrived they set a new higher standard for gas mileage in a 7-passenger SUV. Even after all this time I don't think anyone has been able to improve on it much. Compare it to a 7-passenger Mercedes, Toyota Sequoia or the New 4-runner; Expedition, Suburban, any Nissan or BMW or Volvo that's a 7-passenger off-road SUV. Why would you say they have bad mileage? Comparied to what? A bike? To a 4-passenger hatch with no trunk and no towing capibility???

Anonymous said...

I've actually appreciated the Traverse's clean styling compared to it's busier styled siblings. But that GM fake wood in the interior... Who supplies that unimpressive stuff? Mattel?