Friday, February 24, 2012

Range Rover Evoque convertible

That's quite a surprise. I had no idea this was coming up.

I do like the new Evoque a lot, but this, somehow, looks a lot cheaper.
Not sure why.
It does look 100 times better than the weird Murano convertible.
And might not be that much more expensive.
The topless Murano starts at about $45 000. While the base Evoque Coupe is about $43 000.
If you figure a $5000 premium for the convertible, the Range Rover could be just a few thousands more than the Nissan.

But who knows, they might just go nuts and charge $60 000 for it. Why not...


Anonymous said...

ya more than the nissan, the rover is a four, the nissan is a six, murano has a reliability reputation, range rover r known for being unreliable....sooooo the Murano should be more or r u a brand name shallow guy???

Dav said...

Why... Just WHY?

Anonymous said...

Rover has just been hit with an ugly stick.

The Evoque is gorgeous, but the convertible looks super cheap and out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

Removing the roof just reveals that the Evoque is not a luxury SUV after all.. just a compact Volvo on stilts.

Anonymous said...

The answer to a question nobody asked.

Anonymous said...

In London:!/Simon_Truscott/media/slideshow?