Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2013 Audi A3

This looks to be the real thing.
It does match everything we've seen so far of the next A3.
And it does look like the previous one. Just like all other Audis.

Of course, we will never get this 3 door version in the US.
The big news for us will be the new 4 door sedan body style. While the 4 door hatch might return as well.


Anonymous said...

The Volvo V40 above, and the Kia Ceed below look MUCH more interesting than this Audi.

I'd rather have either of those as well. That doesn't speak well for Audi.

Anonymous said...

LIke!.... to be honest I'd love to see Audi make this into a fastback.

Anonymous said...

Ugly like all the other A3s

Anonymous said...

Another good looking car from Audi, which will lure buyers into endless repair bills.