Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toyota Liva commercial

The Liva is mostly for the Indian market.
Which is reflected in this new commercial.

Interesting to see how car are presented in other countries.
This makes it look like the most fun you could ever have.


ja roo said...

whats goin on in that back seat baby?

Bohush said...

This car looks a ok
Why does't Toyota just offer them upcoming new Yaris?
Must be cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Those people dont look indian at all...look south american!

Anonymous said...

Bohush.. I think the Liva is a rebadged Daihatsu.. so it's much cheaper to offer than the new Yaris. Wonder if the Liva smells like Onions? :)

Anita Sharma said...

I wish it was a diesel one.
We need is a diesel version,it will be a big hit

PB said...

Its not a rebadged Daihatsu.

How did they find an empty road in India?

ne1butu said...

Is this a car commercial, or a phone commercial? Aside from the quick-cut editing and CGI, the car itself is pretty boring.