Thursday, June 09, 2011

Opel Astra Convertible

And now for the final version of the Astra.
After the 5 door hatch, wagon, sedan (Sold here as the Buick Verano) and coupe, the convertible version is shaping up.

I say bring this one over as well. Maybe a convertible Verano is more in line with what Buick needs than a sporty coupe?
Of course, most of us would like to see both over here.


Anonymous said...

Buick needs to do whatever it takes to disrupt everyone's perception of the brand. They did it for a nanosecond in the 80s with the Reatta and the GNX, and they can do it today with cars like this! I know that they are targeting Lexus, but they'll be setting their sights higher if they offer sporty cars. And by sporty I mean relevant cars that you actually see on the street that don't cost $400k.

Education Project said...

Buick should be setting its sights not just on Lexus, but on Volvo and premium offerings from VW. I don't see this FWD 2dr doing so well at the price point that Buick would sell it at which is above USD $30,000.

GM might sell Opel so hopefully this makes it into both production and sold as a Buick before any of that happens.

FuioptimaSX said...

Buick (and GM) NEED this over here! The G6 and Solstice (and sky) were the last of anything like this by them.

Anonymous said...

The only question about Buick bringing this to the US is.. will they call it Skylark or Riviera!