Monday, June 20, 2011

2012 Mini Coupe

The weirdest looking Mini so far.
We finally get to see pictures of the production model.

Just a few weeks after we saw spy shots of the next generation Mini. Which means this will be based on the "old" version.
Why not wait a bit???
It's not like the world couldn't wait another minute for an awkward looking 2 seater version of the Mini...

Engines are the same as on the other versions. So expect rough and noisy. Which actually might fit better in a sportier Coupe.

Not sure what is the competition is for this car. But the upcoming convertible version will target the Miata.


Anonymous said...

Does the Moe Howard (one of the 3 Stooges) estate get a cut for the top?

To me, it looks a bit like his haircut.

Anonymous said...

Holly Crap! That is one UGLY car. Yuck! I hate it. Terrible. Vince, the competition for this car is walking!

Gromit said...

They brought out the gimp.

Anonymous said...

Holy SH_T Vince!

It's a toupee!

SalvatoreBellomo said...

Cool looking little car. As far as the new body style, BMW just did it w the 1m as well. I'm sure they have a reason

Anonymous said...

Looks like godzilla sat on a mini. This car seems pointless...fwd? 30 grand for 208 hp?

what's the power to weight ratio?

Anonymous said...

This was an easy redesign for Mini. They took a regular 2-door hatchback, dropped it on it's roof- et voila, the Coupe!
Gee, if AMC had thought of this in 1979, the Pacer might still be around.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a joke.

More expensive than a Miata with less horsepower and far less credibility?

F No.

I'll take the Miata with the power retractable hard top for $26,000, Alex.

Truth is..... said...

a winner, tons of appeal , a real baller!