Sunday, June 05, 2011

2012 Mercedes A Class

Not sure if this is still an illustration or not.
If it is, it does match the patent pictures we saw a few weeks ago.

Actually quite a nice looking compact. If a bit busy.
Will compete directly against the redesigned BMW 1 series and upcoming new Audi A3.

We are supposed to be getting a version of this in the US, although it might be as a regular sedan form.

The luxury compact hatch segment will be quite crowded with new models next year, at least in Europe....


tore13 said...

I mean listen, its not absolutely horrendous, but not a Benz. The front end resembles the new volvo s60 which is a great looking car...Once again just not a benz

Anonymous said...

That looks like Guido's S-class after it came out of the crusher.

PGA said...

Looks great!
A lot better than the Bmw s1 and especially the Audi A1.
Yes it's busy but the kids will love iy! Looks mean!

Anonymous said...

A Mercedes by Bangel?

Anonymous said...

mercedes make vulgar crap.

Anonymous said...

TO: June 6, 12:40

I agree.