Sunday, January 09, 2011

More 2012 VW Passat pictures

The bottom picture is the current Euro Passat. Revised with new a rear front ends for 2011.
Looks like the 2 cars re related, yet different.
I had read earlier that the US version was actually based on the new 2011 Jetta frame. Which is not the case for the Euro Passat.

The bottom pic is the Euro version.
Here the 2 versions seem quite different.

VW claims the roomiest back seat in its class.
After seeing the near giant one in the new Jetta, I believe it.


Anonymous said...

Tidy but incredibly boring. Can someone please advise Volkswagen that we are in the 21st century now?

Anonymous said...

Not a Hyundai/Kia fan, but damn they look good compared to this.

SalvatoreBellomo said...

I think its a great looking car. It's a bit more then a larger jetta, but not allot more.

Omar said...

Better than I expected there actually seems to be some quality materials inside! But otherwise the design will struggle to stand out. Even its Euro handling and better interior quality will struggle to help this car out.

Anonymous said...

Better than I expected. Better than an Accord and Altima. Probably on par with a Camry on exterior styling but the interior looks loads better than Camry.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the much nicer wheels and a little bit more chrome, its exactly the same as the Chinese model.

Anonymous said...

Unreliable and boring, not a good combination.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same as the Chinese model...a couple of trim differences...that's it.

Told ya.


Wake me up when Ford starts showing stuff from the auto show. I hope the new Escape is on tap to be shown!!

Anonymous said...

Larger platform is actually specifically created for US market so not based on Jetta afaik.

Still way too boring but no surprises either. Euro model looks even more boring so maybe that helps.