Friday, January 28, 2011

2012 Smart ForFour

Seems like Smart is ready to try the four door idea again.

But this time, it looks more like a Smart.
Not sure if this is based on the next Mercedes A Class or a platform from partner Renault/Nissan.

It seems to have some kind of retro futuristic look to it.

Smart is in desperate need of something new. Anything. At least in the US where sales are now just a few hundred units a month.

Seems that everyone who wanted one already has one. And with only 2 seats, it's really not for everyone.

We'll see...


Dav said...


Looks kinda 'retro-furturistic', like some micro-transport out of a 70's sci-fi movie.

Fusioptima SX Sport said...

Wow, it's the new Microbus that VW never made! I think this is what will put them back on the map.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why the smart for 4 didn't make it, it was kinda cool. Tnis looks even better.

Anonymous said...

When a car holds 1 or 2 at most; sex-appeal/speed/uniqueness are paramont. But when you intend it to hold 3 or more; SAFETY is suddenly important. And that's a BIG problem for such a tiny vehicle. A 5-start mini will kill everybody instantly if it hits a 3-star full-size (and those in the full-size will probably survive -- just the laws of physics). If your brain slams against your skull in 1 sec (while a 1' hood collapses) it receives 36 times more force that if it came to a stop in the 6 seconds it takes for a 6' hood to collapse.

And such is the cunundrum of the 4-door econo car.

Anonymous said...

This design sort of reminds me of the Mercedes-Benz 'Bionic' concept from a few years ago.

Iirc... the 'Bionic' was a 4 passenger car, with the design based upon a Boxfish(look it up.. I'm not joking).

Anyhow... this is an interesting design. One problem for my family would be... will this be smaller than, say, a Scion xD?

Also.... the Smart dealership is over 100 miles away... this is not good if you have a warranty issue that needs repaired.