Sunday, January 09, 2011

2012 Chevrolet Sonic sedan

For once, the sedan version of a good looking hatchback also looks really good.

This looks much better than the Fiesta sedan.
I have seen a couple of the small Ford sedans around, and they look really bad in person.
Almost on par with the Versa. Even though the hatch looks great.

On the other hand, both versions of the new Sonic look good.
And the interior also seems better than the Fiesta, at least on pictures.
The interior of the Cruze I drove a few weeks ago was one of the best in its class.

Curiously, it will be offered with the same engine choices as the larger Cruze. A 1.8 Liter is standard, while the 1.4 Liter Turbo is an upgrade.
The Turbo was fine in the Cruze, and it should be great in the smaller Sonic. Giving it quite a sporty feel.

It is rumored to be cheaper than the Fiesta as well.

Isn't competition great!


Anonymous said...

The front of this thing looks downright weird, as the fiesta looks good all over, good not great.

SalvatoreBellomo said...

Dare I say that's a mean looking little Chevy? It is and the interior also looks good. Maybe a job well done

Fusioptima SX Sport said...

It took HOW long for Chevy to "GET IT"? Kudos nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I like everything about it except for the tail lights. It's the same complaint as I have with the Cruze. Is it in GM's DNA to get lazy when designing the end of the car that I'm going to have to stare at in traffic?

This car is quite attractive and Volvo-ish from the front and side. But the rear of this thing looks very third-world and unsophisticated.

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that those idiots have yet to realize that the car is going to look extremely lame with a license plate on the front. Put the badge where it belongs!!