Monday, January 28, 2008

Hummer H3T Alpah

Another pick up version of an SUV.

I guess sales of the H3 are so hot in the first place that just had to have a pick up version.
After all, the Explorer Sport Track is selling like hot cakes.... In Bizaro world.


Anonymous said...

Another reason for OPEC to laugh while running to the bank.
If LUTZ wants to sell these gas machines, just bring out the Biofuel versions already.

Unknown said...

i'm more for a hybrid / high fuel economy guy myself, but i think this is a great-looking truck. it has a modern but vintage feel to it (i guess it's the square grille and round headlamps). this is a low-volume, niche vehicle built for a select audience off of a preexisting platform anyway.

it'd be great if they made a smaller H5 or H7 with a turbo-four!

Anonymous said...

GM has done it! I didn't think they could create anything uglier than a Chevy Avalanche, but they have succeeded.

Good luck with that.